Our team is pleased to advise you on the latest developments regarding tax legislation because, despite obviously taking an interest in current affairs, your day-to-day business activities probably prevent you from paying as much attention to these developments as you would like and you could easily get caught up in complex regulations in this respect.
We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our services. That is why we have concluded the horizontal monitoring covenant with the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA]. Horizontal monitoring  is based on trusting and transparent cooperation between our team, the tax payer and the NTCA. In providing our tax advice, we aim to achieve the best possible result, going beyond simply complying with the complex laws and regulations. However, optimal tax advice on our part is subject to our clients providing us with maximum and timely information.

The combination of our tax advice knowledge and your passion for your business forms the perfect basis for a good, constructive working relationship.

In addition to such annual services as income tax and corporation tax returns, our multidisciplinary approach enables us to provide the following tax advice:

–          Various types of tax (such as sales tax, payroll tax, profit tax);
–          Advice on pensions;
–          Innovation schemes/grants;
–          (International) corporate structure and/or succession;
–          Transfer pricing;
–          Gift and inheritance tax.