Melenhorst Accountants en Business Valuators B.V. (hereinafter referred to as: MABV) has adopted a Complaints Regulation, which guarantees that anyone from outside the business operated by MABV and anyone working for or affiliated to MABV, may question suspected irregularities inside or (in part) outside MABV without prejudice to their legal position. Under this Regulation, any complaints are documented, handled confidentially and promptly and, if deemed to be well-founded, appropriate measures are taken to rectify the irregularities in respect of which a complaint is lodged.

Complaints concerning the work carried out

Dissatisfaction with the performance of our work or with any of our staff may give rise to a complaint being submitted.

Complaints must be lodged in writing stating the name and address of the reporting party. Reporting parties should initially contact the management of MABV.

Reporting suspected irregularities

Any party wishing to address suspected irregularities inside or (in part) outside our company can do so by contacting the management of MABV. This may relate to irregularities which could potentially affect the quality of the work we deliver or to a suspected involvement or risk of involvement by our company and/or our staff in a punishable offence and/or breach of the law which could undermine confidence in our company. Any such report can be made either in writing or verbally. A written report must include the name and address of the person making the report and be submitted by e-mail to:

Investigation and settlement of the complaint

The management of MABV will confirm receipt of the complaint, informing the reporting party that the matter will be investigated as necessary and will possibly discuss the complaint with the staff concerned. Depending on the nature and scope of the complaint, the reporting party will receive written and/or verbal feedback and a proposed solution to the complaint.

At their request, the anonymity of the reporting party will be guaranteed provided this is not in conflict with legal obligations and provided this does not harm the legitimate interests of our company. The interests of the reporting party will always be given careful consideration.

Documentation of the report and solution

The management of MABV will document the complaint, the possible investigation and the solution. It will formulate its conclusion and offer those concerned an opportunity to make their views known. The documentation will always include:

1) the decision as to whether the complaint is well-founded;
2) whether or not events occurred in which our company and/or its staff were involved in punishable offences and/or breaches of the law which could undermine confidence in our company;
3) whether there is reason for the management of MABV to take any measures.


All employees in any way involved in the handling of a complaint within the meaning of this Regulation will be obliged to observe confidentiality in compliance with all corporate rules currently in place, this Regulation included.

Any statements made in the context of the performance of this Regulation will contain no more information than strictly necessary for the investigation or performance of this Regulation.

Legal protection

The management of MABV guarantees that any employee who submits or reports a complaint in accordance with this Regulation will be protected from any potentially detrimental effects on their position within our company, regardless of the outcome of the handling of the report or complaint in question.