What do Melenhorst Accountants en Business Valuators B.V. and Van Werven-Van der Putten sidecar team have in common?

Initially they appear to have very little in common and yet we sponsor Van Werven-Van der Putten sidecar team. Why?

Because Martin Melenhorst does see similarities. Similarities which, to him, also relate to his day-to-day work. Timing is crucially important in sidecar racing. And timing is also extremely important to clients of the Melenhorst team. Too early or too late can mean the difference between failure and success, profit and loss. Gert van Werven: “Achieving the right objectives is a puzzle in itself, requiring everything to fall into place at the right time. There only needs to be one piece missing for a target to be missed. A clear vision must be defined and pursued in order to keep the puzzle together. Working as a team, therefore, is the only route to success, with cooperation and trust as essential key factors. Martin Melenhorst wholeheartedly agrees with what Gert van Werven has to say, metaphorically speaking, of course: “The art is to steer the right course together, to complete the circuits as fast as possible and to take up the challenge and face the competition of other participants”.

In the business world, combining sport with business has become a trend. A company’s knowledge, expertise, network and financial possibilities can be of immense value to the development of a team or athlete. In turn, this enables our team to present itself with the image and reputation we stand for.
A perfect synergy.