Melenhorst Accountants and Business Valuators B.V.
Economists are of the opinion that during/following times of crisis it is essential for businesses to be or become flexible and thus able to anticipate and respond flexibly to changing market conditions. Our multidisciplinary services are consistent with this opinion. It appears that ‘the client’ is becoming increasingly critical and that those same clients value our multifaceted, personal and resourceful commitment very highly. They can also always expect short response / processing times from us. With the services we provide we seek to build solid working relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect.

Company slogan
Our team’s commitment to being / becoming a reliable and resourceful business partner is clearly reflected in our company slogan:  “Reliable and Resourceful in business”.

The Melenhorst team’s mission is to be responsive to clients in a flexible, future-oriented and multidisciplinary way, treating clients as they themselves would wish to be treated.

The Melenhorst team anticipates changes in the market which are relevant to you, advising you on the basis of expertise related to that changing market.  Our advice is premised on future-oriented economic thinking, in which we relate past results to a vision for the future of your business. In our own way, we foster a synergy between accountancy knowledge and valuation expertise. Client-friendliness is one of the prime motives of our team. We aim to provide a friendly, committed service which you, our client, experience as pleasant. Communication and cooperation are key to this, because investing in our working relationship will enable us to tailor our services to your requirements and expectations to as much as possible.